Gujarat's Top 10 Beaches That You Can't Miss In This Summer!

Written By

Ruchika Mandora

Don't miss scuba diving and exploring Beyt Island's stunning coral reef. You'll love this cleanest beach!

Beyt Dwarka

You can be sure that Diu Beach will show you a magical view and let you get close to nature, which will leave you fully spellbound.


This beach is paradise with its soothing atmosphere, pleasant winds, eye-soothing panoramas, crystal blue skyline, gorgeous sunset, and relaxing sand.

Umbergaon Beach

Kutch's largest beach offers the best views. This beach amazes visitors with its relaxing winds and many exciting activities.

Mandvi Beach

This beach's soothing winds, soothing sands, and breathtaking views draw travelers from all walks of life.

Nagoa Beach

Its breathtaking views, cloudy skyline, and amazing cathedrals make this golden sand stretch famous. "Safe swim heaven" Ghogla Beach has a "blue-flag certificate".

Ghogla Beach

Sitting here or wandering on the grainy sands, you can see the shoreline's magnificent views. Speed boating, camel riding, horse riding, and parasailing are popular here.

Madhavpur Beach

On one side, this very scenic beach is surrounded by tall palm trees, and on the other, it has a beautiful shoreline.

Gomti Mata Beach

During India's freedom movement, Gandhiji led the Salt Satyagraha on this seashore. Gujarat's this seashore is lovely.

Dandi Beach

This beach is called the Gulf of Khambhat or Gulf of Cambay. The perfect place for warm weather, gentle sand, and delicious street cuisine.

Khambhat Beach