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Abirath EV

Hidden Facts To Know About Saanvi Malu!

Saanvi Malu is a lifestyle influencer and makeup artist in Delhi who has earned attention for her beauty and fashion videos on social media platforms like as Instagram and YouTube.

She is well-known for her makeup tutorials, beauty recommendations, and lifestyle postings showcasing her individuality and style.

Her sister's name is Hina Madan. Despite being a fashion influencer and knowing fashion, trends, beauty, and self-care, she has a B.Tech in information technology.

She is a fashion advisor and model or affiliate for numerous cosmetics products, especially Belora cosmetics, which she promotes on Instagram and YouTube.

Saanvi Malu is married to Vikas Malu, the chairman of the multifaceted conglomerate Kuber Group, which has interests in real estate, infrastructure, and banking. Despite being his second wife.

Saanvi Malu began her makeup career by experimenting on herself. She creates bright, adventurous makeup styles.

Vikas Malu and Saanvi Malu were married on 7 May 2019 but divorced in October 2022 after she filed a rape complaint against him.

She displays numerous tattoos on her body. She has a tattoo of "Shukrana Guruji" on the forearm of her right arm and a tattoo of her left foot.

As an influencer, she promotes brands' products on her social media channels, which is one of her sources of income.