Himalayan Heights: Top Thrilling Treks In Uttarakhand

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Ruchika Mandora

Kedartal is for adventurers. It's for experienced Himalayan trekkers who want more. The walk is arduous but rewarding.

Kedartal Trek

Kedarkantha is a walk that is flush with beauty, providing photographers with the ideal chance to catch the snow falling from the pine trees

Kedarkantha Trek

Rupin Pass's tall waterfalls, ethereal views of adjacent peaks, and exotic flower-filled grasslands make it remarkable. Trekkers climb over 10,000 feet

Rupin Pass Trek

Due to its difficulty, the Bali Pass Trek is for experienced trekkers only. Expect to see unusual vegetation and creatures on this hike through Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Bali Pass Trek

Flower Valley "Foolon ki Ghati" is a lovely monsoon trek. It's perfectly situated in Uttarakhand's West Himalayas at 3600 m above sea level.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The 12,516-foot walk gives peak views of Dronagiri, Chitrakantha, Chaukhamba, and Tali top. Meadows, rhododendron-filled forests, and oak trees enhance your journey.

Kuari Pass Trek

Kalindi Khal Pass Trek is the hardest Garhwal Himalayan trek. Trekkers must cover about 100 kilometers. This difficult trail links Gangotri and Badrinath.

Kalindi Khal Trek

The Brahmatal trek, dedicated to Lord Brahma, is another unexplored Himalayan gem. Its snow-covered Himalayan location is stunning.

Brahmatal Trek

The snow-covered slopes of Neelkanth, Satopanth (23,206 ft), Chaukhamba I, and Balakun enhance the grandeur of Satopanth Tal, a glacier lake. 

Satopanth Lake Trek

Auden's Col is one of Uttarakhand's hardest treks. Trekking begins in Gangotri. You'll pass pine and cane forests on your way to Nala Camp.

Auden’s Col Trek