Ideal Hill Station Escapes Close To Chennai!

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Gopika VC

Yelagiri hills have the prettiest scenery. This hill station is bordered by mountains, woods, meadows, and lakes and has several orchid species.

Yelagiri hills

South India's most scenic and peaceful tourist destination is Coonoor, 1850 meters above sea level. Tea plantations, waterfalls, and valleys abound.


Ooty, Tamil Nadu's most popular hill station, is tranquil and quiet. With snow-capped mountains and abundant foliage, this hill station has near-perfect weather year-round.


Salem's Yercaud hill station is refreshing. It surrounds Emerald Lake (Yercaud Lake). The hill-station's name comes from the magnificent lake's emerald green color.


Kotagiri, in the Nilgiris, is one of the most beautiful hill stations near Chennai. It is the oldest and third biggest hill station there, and it is in a beautiful place.


Horsley Hills is between the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is also called the "Ooty of Andhra," and it is about 279 km from Chennai.

Horsley Hills

Sirumalai is in The thick, concentrated forests of the Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary situated between the Western Ghats and the Annamalai mountain ranges.


This offbeat place is unspoiled by industrialization and commercialization. Tea and coffee farms on these hills are among India's best.

Kolli Hills

One of Lord Karthikeyan's shrines is located amid the Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary's deep woodlands. The evergreen Shola forests are also there.

Palani Hills

Kodaikanal, the hill station princess, is famous for honeymoons. This is the best southern Indian destination for scenic beauty and unforgettable experiences.