Jalgaon: Enjoy The Agricultural Location Of Maharashtra!

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Ruchika Mandora

Jalgaon is in Maharashtra, India. The city is the administrative center of North Maharashtra's Jalgaon district.

Parola Fort in Jalgaon is another 16th-century fort. The fort is in Parola city, a municipal council in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Parola Fort

Waghur Dam, one of many beautiful sights in Jalgaon, is a peaceful location to refresh. This impressive Waghur River dam supplies the region's water.

Waghur Dam

Hatnur Dam is another Jalgaon attraction. It's perfect for relaxing and enjoying the chilly weather. You might even see the dam's Shutter open.

Hatnur Dam

Patna Devi, a Jalgaon landmark, is a popular tourist attraction. Patna Devi is surrounded by Sahyadri Mountain trails with rich fauna and flora.

Patna Devi

Mehrun Park, on Shirsholi Road, is one of Jalgaon's oldest parks, visited by locals and explorers. Tall trees and colorful flowers adorn this scenic beauty.

Mehrun Park

One of the most tranquil places to visit in Jalgaon is Changdev Temple, which is located in the Mukhainagar taluka. And it's  close to 1400 years.

Changdev Temple

Mahatma Gandhi's garden in Jalgaon is known for its brilliant flowers. The park is always crowded because it's near the city center.

Mahatma Gandhi Garden

Swinging Towers on the Utawadi River are a remarkable example of ancient building methods, and both towers are 15m long.

Swinging Towers

Padmalaya is 30 miles from Jalgaon. Padmalaya temple is a Ganpatu peeth. This half-peeth shrine is renowned.


Omkareshwar, a gorgeous Hindu temple in Jalgaon, India. Omkareshwar is on the island and Amareshwar on the south bank of Narmada River.

Omkareshwar Temple