Kavita Shukla: The Freshglow Co. Founder And CEO's Story of Success

Written By

Abirath EV

Kavita Shukla started the Frehglow Co. and is also the CEO. She also came up with the idea for Freshpaper.

Millions of people all over the world have been moved by her story of coming from nothing, becoming strong, and having faith.

As a designer, inventor, and business owner, Kavita Shukla has won many international awards and holds four patents.

Fast Company and Forbes both put Kavita Shukla on their lists of "7 Entrepreneurs Changing the World" and "30 Under 30."

Kavita Shukla was born in Germany to Indian immigrants. When she was young, her family moved to the United States.

In Ellicott City, Maryland, Germany, Kavita Shukla went to elementary school. She finished her education by getting a (BA) degree from Harvard University in the US

Kavita Shukla is an entrepreneur because she started a business called FRESH GLOW CO. and created FRESHPAPER when she was only 13 years old.

Her businesses, which she runs on her own and works very hard to make money, are her main source of income. Her total wealth is about $25.5 million USD.

Shukla also donates a portion of her earnings to a variety of charities in order to assist them and make their lives easier.