Khammam: Experience The Rich Culture And Heritage!

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Gopika VC

The picturesque town lies on the Munneru, a Krishna tributary. This city also contributed to the state's history.

A fort that is over a thousand years old. This beautiful fort was built by the Kakatiyas dynasty on Stambhadri hill.

Khammam Fort

Visit Perantalapalli in the Khammam district, which is between Rajahmundry and Kunavaram, to see views that will take your breath away.


In the Lakaram Lake View Park, you can have a picnic with friends and family and go boating on the lake for some adventure or fun.

Lakaram Lake

This wildlife reserve is called after Kinnerasani River. This beautiful location has 635.4 square kilometres of stunning views and a vast variety of animals.

Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

You'll enjoy this place for its architecture and neighbouring huge temples. You'll witness many statues, stupas, etc. from the 1977 excavation.


This area is known for its heritage and two temples, the Lord Venu Gopal Swamy Temple and the Lord Shiva Temple with five lingas in its inner shrine.


Gundala is about 5 km from the town of Bhadrachalam, which has a temple, and is near the Godavari river in Khammam, Telangana.


Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple is 85 km from the town of Khammam. It is also known as Telangana Chinna Tirupati.

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple