Koppal: Explore The Jaina Kashi!

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Ruchika Mandora

This small town has some of the most fascinating tourist attractions, making it more relaxing for visitors. Beautiful waterfalls, lush green hills, and historic temples are also here.

This Anjanadari Parvata is believed to be Hanuman's birthplace. In the centre of Anegondi, this amazing Parvata offers a picturesque view.

Anjanadri Parvata

Chinthamani Temple Anegundi is a beautiful place believed to be Bhooma Devi's maternal home and Kishkinda, Vaali and Sugreeva's kingdom during the Ramayana.

Chinthamani Temple Anegundi

Taking a small boat across the river to reach this holy place makes it more enjoyable. Well-kept shrines enhance its beauty.

Nava Brindavana

Tippu Sultan acquired Koppal Fort in 1786 AD. This makes it a popular historical site, but no one knows for sure who built it.

Koppal Fort

It's a mysterious place. There's nothing clear about this place. Locals believe that there is a grave in a mantap built in the middle of the Tunga-bhadra River at Anegundi.

Krishnadevaraya Tomb

The Pampa Sarovar is stunning during lotus blooming. As the lotus buds blossom, the lake's surrounds are gorgeous, making it a great one-time visit.

Pampa Sarovar

This Temple is a beautiful place of worship for the god Vishnu. It is an example of Dravidian architecture from the time of Vijayanagara.

Kanakachalapathi Temple

Huligi is also known as Munirabad, and Huligemma Temple is there. It's a fantastic spot to visit, but avoid Tuesdays and Fridays because of the crowd.

Huligemma Temple

One of Hampi's most popular tourist locations, it has well-executed sculptures, pillars, and wall carvings, and the tower is the best example of Western Chalukyan art.

Mahadeva Temple (Itagi)