Kotagiri: Enjoy A Hidden Gem In The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu!

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Gopika VC

The hilly town of Kotagiri is located in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India. In terms of the tourism industry, this specific city has a lot to offer.

National Reserved Forests cover this town's forest. Even though it's a forest, you can easily get to it because it's near the town's center.

Longwood Shola


This waterfall in Kotagiri is stunning. You may need to drive 7 km to reach the waterfall. Kotagiri's Uyilathi Village houses these falls.

Elk Falls


Unlike Kotagiri's other hills and summits, this hill is more than just beautiful. Its sacred attributes draw believers to the hill.

Rangasamy Hill


This waterfalls attraction in Kotagiri is highly popular with tourists. The Mettupalayam road is where you'll find this waterfall.

Catherine Falls


The Kodanad overlook in Kotagiri is a must-see for scenic vistas. From Kotagiri's town center, this viewpoint is 18 kilometres away.

Kodanad Viewpoint


This heritage site is unlike Kotagiri's other nature spots. Visit the town's museum to learn about its culture, heritage, and history.

John Sullivan Memorial


Nearest airport: Coimbatore Airport Nearest railway station: Coimbatore Junction Railway Station (CBE)

How To Reach Kotagiri?

Kotagiri was also known as "Kotakeri" and "Kotagherry" in the past. For nature lovers, Kotagiri's valleys are beautiful.