Kufri- India, Top 9 Enchanting Places To Visit!

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Idhika Tejal

If you enjoy skiing, Kufri provides the best skiing experience in Himachal Pradesh. The thick snow-capped inclines create a natural arrangement for ideal skiing in the area.

Skiing In Kufri


This was a lesser-known Kufri sport. Tourists already know the fun of tobogganing down the snowy hills.



Yak rides in Kufri are as must-do as camel rides in Sahara or Thar. Unlike other adventures that speed through Kufri's cold plains and valleys.

Yak Rides


Kufri is home to Himalayan wildlife. Kufri zoo features snow leopards, felines, and antelopes. Himachal Pradesh's state bird is the Himalayan Monal.

Kufri Zoo


Fagu is a highland in Kufri. Fagu features cedar woodlands. Elevated snow clads offer great views of the entire hill station.



Never stop seeking the best views. Mahasu Peak is the place for you. From this Kufri viewpoint, you can see the Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges.

Mahasu Peak


Himalayan Nature Park borders Indira Tourist Park. Kufri's picnic spot. Sip your steaming coffee or chai and enjoy the mindful serenity Indira Tourist Park offers to offer.

Indira Tourist Park


Hill station must-see is Kufri's amusement park. This park has theme rides, adventure activities, and sports. Kufri Fun World is the "highest amusement park"

Kufri Fun World


A tourist hotspot in Kufri. Watch Himalayan animals. Also, see endangered species enjoying their specific habitat.

Himalayan Nature Park