Ladakh To Host India’s First Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon

Written By

Gopika VC

The name "Last Run" was given to the Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon out of love, and it is the first event of its kind in India.

A lot of people said that the name "Last Run" sounds sad. But anything could happen because of the growing problems of global warming and the greenhouse effect.

The main goal of this event, which is put on by the Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh, is to raise awareness about global warming.

People are being affected by climate change and its effects in big ways, and these sports games are a chance to get the word out.

The Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh will put on a long 20 km marathon called the Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon.

This kind of sport is a good fit for the place. You can sign up to take part in the event if you want to. Just click on the link and sign up for the event.

The runners will be chosen based on how many marathons they have run before. People who have done adventure sports at high altitudes, like above 10,000 feet, will be considered.

Normal people can't just apply and join; they have to go through the necessary acclimatization process first.

The Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon will be held at an altitude of 13,682 feet, and it might be able to get into the Guinness World Records.