Lamayuru: Explore One Of India's Oldest Monasteries!

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Ruchika Mandora

Lamayuru, a religious site in Ladakh, is popular with tourists. Nature lovers and photographers flock to its picturesque valley surrounded by mountains.

The village's name inspired Lamayuru. 3510 meters above sea level, the monastery is 125 kilometers from the state capital.


Summer runs from June to August and is considered the best time to visit due to its pleasant temperatures of 25°C to 15°C.

Climatic Conditions

Lamayuru Monastery, one of Ladakh's oldest, was founded in the 11th century by the great scholar Naropa, who meditated in a cave nearby.

History Of Lamayuru Monastery

Yuru kabgyat and Hemis Tsechu celebrated in the 5th month of the Tibetan calendar, are still popular festivals at the monastery. Monks dance for two days.

Lamayuru Monastery Festivals

Visit the monastery in June to August, when Lamayuru village is in summer mode. The roads and area are accessible now.

Best Time To Visit Lamayuru Monastery

Leh, Kargil, and Jammu-capital Kashmir's Srinagar connect Ladakh and Lamayuru village. There are a few buses and taxis. Buses offer scenic views.

How To Reach Lamayuru Monastery?

There are a few restaurants and cafes in Lamayuru and its Monastery. When it comes to restaurants, they're known for serving Ladakhi cuisine and Tibetan food.

Food And Accommodation

There are a few hotels and guesthouses around the monastery that provide cozy lodgings, some of which also provide the option of daytime meals.