Land Of The Gohils, Bhavnagar In Gujarat!

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Ruchika Mandora

The city's history and tradition are rather unique and will amaze you, especially if you have a liking for similar things.

Bhavnagar Lake is another name for this lake. It's a manmade lake. To fulfil local water needs, the same was built.

Gaurishankar Lake

This museum is called Gandhi Memorial. In 1955, this museum opened. Since it's in Bhavnagar's downtown, the museum is easy to find.

Gandhi Smriti

Tourists are particularly drawn to the museum and library complex's architectural marvels. The museum and library are closed on Mondays, so don't visit on mondays.

Barton Library and Museum

Palitana is known for pilgrimage and heritage. This Saurashtra city in Maharashtra was founded around 1194.


The palace's rich greenery and pleasant ambience are its key attractions. If you want to escape Bhavnagar's bustle, stay at this Gujarat Tourism's vintage hotel.

Nilambag Palace

This wildlife park covers around 2 square km. Since Victoria Park and Gaurishankar Lake are next to each other, you can visit both in one day.

Victoria Park

This Bhavnagar water lock gate is approximately 100 years old and historically significant. It was not built for tourism. With time, visitors began visiting.

Water Lock Gate

The park's extensive grassland are soothing to the body and mind. Two rivers run through the national park, making it naturally rich and lovely.

Bhavnagar Blackbuck National Park

This temple on a mountainside attracts pilgrims from far away. This shrine offers a panoramic view of Bhavnagar.

Takhteshwar Temple