Lose Yourself In The Spirituality Of Kolhapur, The Dakshin Kashi!

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Ruchika Mandora

Apart from its culture and history, Kolhapur is heavily industrialised. The region's economy relies on Kolhapuri Chappals and necklaces, which are made locally and exported worldwide.

People often see Indian Bison or Gaurs in the area, which is also known as Bison Sanctuary. Also, leopards, tigers, sloth bears, and many other animals can be seen.

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary


This town's major attraction is its well-preserved man-made forest. This sanctuary's 11 square kilometres of fauna is likewise artificially presented.

Sagareshwar Deer Sanctuary


The New Palace, also called the Maharaja's Palace, is a beautiful piece of architecture that is decorated in Rajwada, Rajasthani, and Gujarati styles.

New Palace


Between the two gates of this double gateway is a courtyard with a round entrance. On top of the outside gate is a fancy room with a high ceiling.

Teen Darwaja


This fort is in one of the biggest places in the country, and it is the biggest one in the Deccan region.

Panhala Fort


The 63-hectare Kalamba Lake in Kolhapur is a must-see. The city's main water source offers stunning vistas.

Kalamba Lake


The fortress is also known as Khilna Fort. During Chatarapati Shivaji Maharaj's reign, it was one of the Maratha Empire's best forts.

Vishalgad Fort


The 7th-century Chalukya emperors erected the Shree Mahalakshmi Mandir, one of Shakti's six abodes where one might fulfil and redeem wishes.

Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir


Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum is a sculpture museum in Kolhapur's Kaneri Math. Kaneri Math displays village life with beautifully sculpted wax and cement sculptures.

Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum


Kopeshwar is famous for its spirituality and architecture. Its intricate wall and pillar carvings and rock-cut temple architecture are stunning.

Kopeshwar Temple


Shalini Palace, erected on Lake Rankala for Princess Shalini Raje of Kolhapur in 1931-1934, cost INR 800,000.

Shalini Palace