Madhya Pradesh's Best Waterfalls For Summer Fun!

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Gopika VC

Dhuandhar Falls, also called "Smoke Cascade," is a 98-foot waterfall whose water falls into a gorge called "Marble Rocks."

Dhuandhar Falls

The River Tamsa or Tons feeds these 300-foot waterfalls. The Hindu Epic Ramayana makes the Purwa falls sacred.

Purwa Falls

This 150-foot waterfall at Kekariya Dabri, southwest of Indore, can be reached via taxi from the railway station.

Patalpani Waterfall

Just 22 kilometers from Khajuraho is Raneh waterfall. The Ken River forms a gorge around this unique waterfall.

Raneh Falls

This 35-meter waterfall is 10 minutes from Apsara Vihar, 3 miles from Pachmarhi bus stand. These waterfalls feature the best swimming pools and drinkable water.

Bee Falls

Local springs feed the Pandav falls, an iconic attraction in the Panna National Park and Tiger Reserve. From October to March, this waterfall is at its best.

Pandav Falls

The Rewa Plateau's spectacular Tons River descent is a photo-worthy scene. Every drop of the 130-meter waterfall rejuvenates the nick spot.

Keoti Falls

This is the tallest waterfall in the state of Madhya Pradesh. When the river Odda flows down from the Rewa Plateau, it makes the huge 466-foot waterfall.

Bahuti Falls

This horse-tail waterfall, known as the Silver fall, is 351 ft tall. It's Madhya Pradesh's only waterfall with a silver shimmer.

Rajat Pratap Falls

Tincha Falls, 25 km from Indore, is one of Indore's top waterfalls. The fall, canyon, valley, and gorge make this a package deal.

Tincha Falls