Manali: An Adventures Trip To The Magical Snowy Hills!

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Gopika VC

This is a valley off to the side of the town of Manali. From the town center, you can get to the valley by travelling 14 km.

Solang Valley


It's part of the Pir Panjal mountain range. It's the easternmost range. The Pass is 51km from Manali.

Rohtang Pass


This high-altitude pass located in Manali. 3660m is the pass' height. Many adventurers explore this area to hike.

Chandrakhani Pass


The 1500s temple has a rich history. The temple's wood construction is one of its defining features. Temple is in cedar forest.

Hidimba Devi Temple


This beautiful cascade of waterfalls is in the town's Vashisht area. The scenery around the waterfalls is beautiful and very impressive.

Jogini Falls


Manu temple is 3km from Manali's main bazaar. This temple honours Manu, as its name suggests. The temple's pagoda-style construction is stunning.

Manu Temple


Old Manali is full of cultures, traditions, old history, and other things like that. The apple orchards in the area are the main things to see there.

Old Manali


Sanctuary is 2km from Manali's downtown. It covers 3000 hectares. This location has lush greens and snowy alpine terrains.

Manali Sanctuary


In the national park, many wild animals, birds, and other exotic species live in their natural habitats. The trees in the park give it a jungle-like feel.

Van Vihar National Park


This monastery's beauty draws many tourists. It was built in 1960. Built by Tibetan refugees in India.

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery


This is the main river that flows through the town of Manali, which is in the hills. The river starts in the middle of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas.

Beas River


This is a cultural landmark in the town of Manali, which is in the mountains. Since it's a popular market in this tourist spot, you can enjoy shopping on the street there.

Manali Bazaar


Manali vacationers can explore this high-altitude lake. The trip would combine lush greens and cold snow.

Bhrigu Lake Trek


The topography and landscape of Manali, as well as the beautiful views from the riverbanks, make for the best river rafting experience.

River rafting and paragliding in Manali


Igloo is a unique Manali vacation experience. This stay is only possible when there is substantial snowfall.

Igloo Stay in Manali