Mesmerizing Places To Hang Around In Kangra In 2022

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Gopika VC

The fort's entryway has sculptures and murals. Inside the fort, you can see idols that reveal the dynasty's religious beliefs and rituals.

Kangra Fort


You will see the most beautiful glaciers on your trekking trip, which will make you fall in love with the Dhauladhar ranges.

Indrahar Pass


McLeod Ganj is known for its colonial relics, hints of ancient Indian cultures, and Tibetan way of life.

McLeod Ganj


People think that the shape and structure of the museum's artworks and collections reflect Tibetan culture.

Kangra Art Museum


This is a place where Buddhists from India and Nepal come to pray. This is a peaceful place where you can feel joy and peace.

Tashi Jong Monastery


The Baijnath Temple is a place that both domestic and international tourists like to visit. The Hindu god worshipped there is Lord Shiva.

Baijnath Temple


This is a natural centre of culture in Kangra. Pragpur is a rural area on the outskirts of the town of Kangra.



Forests with Deodar trees and big mountain ranges make a trip to the lake feel like a trip to nature's heaven.

Dal Lake


Even if it's a lake, the cold weather in the winter makes the water stop moving and freeze, making for a beautiful and interesting sight.

Kareri Lake


Dharamsala is where you can enjoy the peace and quiet that the city of Kangra has to offer. In the heart of Dharamsala, there are also signs of colonialism.