Most Adventurous Trekking Places In Pune 2023!

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Ruchika Mandora

Pune has beautiful trekking spots you'll adore. Pune tourism wisely uses this amazing scenery to lure adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

The Lohagad Fort Trek blends nature, adventure, and Pune's royalism. This walk will thrill you while climbing and immerse you in the city's history.

Lohagad Fort Trek


Pune's Andharban Trek is famous for its height. You won't be disappointed with this trek if you want to up the adrenaline.

Andharban Trek Pune


Pune's royal past is revealed in Rajmachi Fort Trek. This trek is near Pune's rural outskirts.  This trek is located on the rural outskirts of the city of Pune .

Rajmachi Fort Trek


This journey is ideal for large groups. This trekking spot is popular with casual tourists visiting Pune, despite its position outside the city core.

Rajgad Trek


In the monsoon, you can watch little rivulets and streams make rhythms in the rock boulders, which is peaceful.

Visapur Fort Trek


Torna Fort Trek has a hilltop fort, but it's not famous for it. Adventurers visiting Pune love it. This trekking location's main feature is nature's beauty.

Torna Fort Trek


There are a lot of cliffs along the trekking route, so if you want to enjoy the stunning beauty of the area from a higher point of view, this trekking would help you do that.

Duke’s Nose Trek


Most people know about Sinhagad Trek because of the structures and fort you can see there. This trek will help you learn more about Pune's royal culture and history.

Sinhagad Trek


People call this fort trek Vitangad. To reach the fort and enjoy the views, climb Tikona Peak. Peak altitude is 3633 feet.

Tikona Fort Trek, Lonavala


Korigad Fort Trek is another beautiful fort trek. The trek's three temples are famous for their art.

Korigad Fort Trek


Pune's Raireshwar Trek preserves history and culture. Trekking in the area might teach you a lot. Trekkers can also explore nearby temples.

Raireshwar Trek