Most Beautiful Countries On The Planet!

Written By

Ruchika Mandora

Switzerland's mountain ranges, lakes, vistas with no horizon, and waterfalls make it one of the world's most beautiful countries.


Maldives is the perfect beach paradise, with bright white sand beaches and turquoise water.


Peru, on South America's northern coast, attracts travelers with its natural and cultural wonders.


This attractive European country attracts international tourists with its natural beauty, excellent food, art, history, and flair.


The Netherlands, in northwestern Europe, is a small but attractive country famed for its tulip fields, canals, charming villages, and culturally rich cities.


Thailand has tropical beaches, royal palaces, historic ruins, and exquisite temples. The country's hundreds of islands provide something for every traveler from land to sea.


This tropical island is known all over the world for its sandy beaches, good food, nice people, and many natural sights.


You can visit the horseshoe-shaped Iguaçu Falls, kayak through the Amazon, or stare out from Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.


It draws most European tourists. Its high couture reputation, architectural legacy, and diverse terrain make it beautiful.


Over 18 UNESCO Heritage sites in Greece will captivate you. Greece's upscale taverns and pubs offer great parties, cocktails, and nightlife.