Must Visit Ancient Forts In Maharashtra!

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Gopika VC

The Raigad Fort is a hilltop fort that floats around the Sahyadri mountain range at an altitude of 820 feet.

Raigad Fort


This fort from the 12th century was built by Yadava Prince Bhillama V in 1187. It is 15 km from the city of Aurangabad.

Daulatabad Fort


Lohagadh Fort is an amazing piece of architecture. It is in Lonavala, which is one of the most beautiful places close to Pune.

Lohagad Fort


Afzal Khan and Shivaji fought in the Battle of Pratapgarh, which Shivaji built. Adventurers, nature lovers, and history buffs will love it as a day excursion.

Pratapgad Fort


Murud Fort (Janjira Fort) is surrounded by water. At Murud Village, Maharashtra, lies this wonderful fort of old architecture.

Janjira Fort


The Korigad Fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is about 20 km from Lonavala, so it can be seen on a trip there.

Korigad Fort


Shivaji Maharaj constructed a fort on the island in 1664, and it is renowned for its imposing appearance and solid walls.

Sindhu Garh Fort


The Shaniwarwada Fort is a seven-story capital building near Pune that has a special place in Indian history. It was built in the year 1732.

Shaniwarwada Fort


The Sinhagard Fort is 1312 m above sea level and is southwest of Pune. Using the legends as a guide, this amazing fort could be as old as 2000 years.

Sinhagard Fort


When you trek to this beautiful fort during the monsoon, you can see the backwaters of Shirota dam and the Sahyadri mountains.

Rajmachi Fort