Must Visit Places In Heaven On Earth, Srinagar 2023!

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Gopika VC

Dal Lake, Srinagar's jewel, is Jammu and Kashmir's most visited place. It's the state's second-largest urban lake.


Dal Lake

Lord Shiva's worshippers should visit Shankaracharya temple. The Jyeshteshwara temple located on Shankaracharya Hill in Srinagar.


Shankaracharya Temple

When you go to Srinagar, you should take a ride in one of these boats around the lake. It's a pleasant ride.


Shikara Ride

From April 2022, tourists can ride the four-person balloon. Rides are safe. Nearly half of Shankaracharya Hill is covered by the balloon.


Hot Air Balloon In Srinagar

Hazratbal Shrine is Srinagar's Islamic holy site. It's popular because Prophet Mohammed's hair is kept there.


Hazratbal Shrine

Hari Parbat is known as Koh-i-Maran by Kashmiri Pandits. It's a hill overlooking Srinagar with a Durrani fort.


Hari Parbat

Sinthan Top is a popular mountain pass in the Chenab valley. It's between Anantnag's Breng Valley and Kishtwar's Chenab Valley.


Sinthan Top

Char Chinar is an island called Ropa lank. It is made up of three islands, and two of them have beautiful Chinar trees all over them.


Char Chinar

Yusmarg is a 47-km hill station south of Srinagar. The meadows of Jesus have lovely sceneries, young pine nurseries, verdant pastures, and lotic and lentic water basins.



Challi Point is a popular tourist location in Srinagar where people go to relax. The spot is near Dal Lake on Boulevard road.

Challi Point