Must Visit Tea Plantations In Kerala!

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Gopika VC

Tea plantations are one of the most important income earners in the hilly region of Kerala.

The tea plantations in Kerala foster the cultural and social development of a segment of the population. Hence, Kerala's tea estates offer cultural as well as scenic appeal.

The enchanting beauty of the mountain landscape and the picturesque environs of the tea plantations are also worthy of at least one lifetime experience.

If you are a fan of this traditional Indian tea, this is your chance to try its distinctive flavor. Visiting these plantations gives you a chance to sample various types of tea.

The Kolukkumali Tea Plantation is situated in the mountainous Idukki district of Kerala. This tea estate has a classic feel and a relaxing cultural experience.

Kolukkumali Tea Plantation


Over the years, Kannan Devan Tea plantation has become a symbol of Kerala's cultural identity. The natural grandeur of Munnar's landscape contributes to the elegance and charm of this particular tea plantation.

Kannan Devan Hills Plantation


Chinnakanal Tea Fields would be an excellent option for tea plantation excursions in the state of Kerala if you prefer something unique.

Chinnakanal Tea Fields


Elstone Tea Estate is located in Wayanad, the northernmost subdivision of the state of Kerala.

Elstone Tea Estate


The Bonacaud Tea Estate is located in Trivandrum. It is well-known for its picturesque rural landscape.

Bonacaud Tea Estate