Must Visited Destinations In Tawang: 13 Best Places!

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Ruchika Mandora

Here are some of the most memorable places to go in and around the city of Tawang, as well as some of the top tourist attractions there.

Tawang is India's largest monastery. Gelug maintains the monastery. The monastery has 65 residential buildings. Mera Lama Lodre Gyasto founded this monastery.

Tawang Monastery


This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tawang. The lake's scenery and mood will enhance the experience.

Nagula Lake


The pass divides West Kameng and Tawang politically. The pass is high and spiritual. Tibetan Buddhism and its rituals and beliefs are practised there.

Sela Pass


To visit the pass, you need a special permit, which is available at the pass's beginning. A guide or local driver can assist you get a permit.

Bumla Pass


The lake is on the way from Tawang to Bumla Pass. This high-altitude lake can be a magnificent sight to view in Tawang if you love mountainous nature and landscape.

Shonga Tser Lake


Guru Padmasambhava visited the centre, bringing it fame. He probably meditated in a nearby cave. Due to cold temperatures, you'll need warmers and sweaters in this region.

Taktsang Gompa


The falls are also called Bong Bong Falls. From a height of 100 metres, it goes down to the ground. This waterfall in the town of Tawang doesn't get enough attention.

Nuranang Falls


You can climb the peak even if you're not an adventurer to enjoy the serenity. Spending time with family or friends on the peak is the finest Tawang vacation experience.

Geshila Peak


3km from Tawang's downtown stands the monastery. Urgelling Gompa is a must-see for peace and joy in Tawang.

Urgelling Gompa


This Peak is 6530m high. The peak's snow and white hue are preserved year-round, so you can visit at any time.

Gorichen Peak


Another high-altitude lake in the Tawang region of the Eastern Himalayas. Snow-covered mountains surround the lake, enhancing its beauty and elegance.

Peng Teng Tso Lake


The memorial is near Tawang's downtown. The building incorporates Buddhist architecture and materials. Flags, prayer wheels, dragons, and serpents share a style.

Tawang War Memorial


The Jaswant Garh battle memorial should not be missed if you're interested in Tawang's role in Indian politics.

Jaswant Garh