Odisha's Top 10 Must-see Hill Stations!

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Ruchika Mandora

The Olasuni hill is between the towns of Jagpur and Cuttack. Every year, the Magh Ekadasi events bring this quiet hilly area to life.

Olasuni Hill

Daringbadi is a serene highland station 900 m above sea level. Coffee and tea farms dot this serene place's twisting hills.


The Khorda area of Orissa is home to these beautiful hills. The Deuli hills are well-known as a place where Buddhist artifacts have been found.

Deuli Hills

Hillocks and greenery characterize Dumuriput, a small settlement. This lovely spot is on NH 43 between Koraput and Sunabeda.


Hill station Dhenkanal has archaeological significance. It has hills and rivers. Forests and dense foliage cover Dhenkanal's scenery.


Mahendragiri has lush forests and natural beauty. Mahendragiri is 1500 m above sea level in Gajapati.


Barbil, near Kendujhar, Orissa, is 1500 feet above sea level. World-leading manganese and iron ore producers are Barbil and its surrounding areas.


The hot water springs near this hill station gave it its name. Taptapani sits on a hill that is 1800 feet above sea level.


Tensa Hill is a tiny hill station 110 kilometers from Rourkela. Its elevation is 3700 m. The area has greenery and hills.

Tensa Hill

Due to its Tibetan culture, Jiranga or Chandragiri is called little Tibet. Tibetan refugees inhabited Chandragiri.