Off To Kolkata? Explore These Unknown Places!

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Gopika VC

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Since Sonajhuri is a forest, it's as near to nature as you can go. It's so uninhabited that even the roads are dirt tracks.


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Taki, a short drive from Kolkata, is a popular picnic place. Wooded and farms make it quite green.


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The wind and river have etched diverse designs into the sandstone hills, but the best thing is that the river is shallow enough to cross on foot!


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Mousuni is an island among Kolkata's lesser-known beaches! It's birdwatchers' paradise.


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This peaceful hamlet in the Eastern Ghats of Odisha offers wildlife, tribal culture, and green spaces.


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This small coastal town is very quiet, with the only steady sound being the crashing of the waves on the shore.


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Mukutmonipur borders Kangsabati Dam. You can relax here away from the crowds. The reservoir has boating and the hills offer hiking.


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Instead of palms, this tropical beach is edged with eucalyptus trees. You may play in the sand or relax on the beach for hours.


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The monsoon brings colorful butterflies, while wild boars, deer, wolves, and other creatures are visible year-round.


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Although a fishing community, the unspoiled shore will quiet your soul. Watch morning fishermen bring in the day's catch.


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