Osmanabad: A Journey Through The Religious And Historical Sites!

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Gopika VC 

Osmanabad is a city in India where you can plan a short vacation and do a lot of fun things. The old name of this Indian city was Dharashiv.

The temple's heritage draws historians and researchers as well as pilgrims. Records show this temple has been in the city since the 12th century AD.

Tulja Bhavani Temple

It is thought that this fort in the city was built in the 15th century. Mahmud Gawan is the person who built the fort.

Paranda Fort

The fort's medieval architecture is impressive. This city's fort is the greatest place to enjoy medieval architecture's aesthetics.

Naldurg Fort

From Osamanabad's city center, the caves are 8km away. The same location has 7 caves. These caves are in Osmanabad's Balaghat mountain range.

Dharashiv Caves

Tuljapur houses this Mutt. This is an ashram. During their Osmanabad vacation, people of all faiths who like the ashram's philosophy visit this site.

Bharati Buwa’s Mutt

The area where the temple is is full of rocks, and it is thought that Lord Rama and his brother, Lord Lakshmana, once walked through this area.

Ghat Shila Temple

Since a Muslim civilian  discovered this Hindu temple's idol, it has a strong secular history. Tuljabhavani visitors visit this small temple too.

Dhakte Tuljapur Temple

One of the temple's main attractions is the shrine's three entrances. Considering the temple's overall appearance, the stone steps are magnificent too.

Vishnu Tirth

The temple's 13th-century construction date adds to its appeal. First-time visitors are especially intrigued by the temple's square design.

Saint Goroba Temple