Pachmarhi- Top 10 Charming Places To Visit

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Gopika VC

This waterfall, adorned with beautiful vistas, has been pulsing in the hearts of people visiting the area.

Bee Falls


This cave complex in Pachmarhi is ideal for delving deep into the town's spiritual side.

Jata Shankar Caves


These caves, unlike the Jatashankar Caves, are man-made. It is a collection of five caverns on a mountaintop.

Pandav Caves


This mountain is the tallest in the Mahadeo Hills range in terms of elevation. People come to see the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.



This is a cliff in the town of Pachmarhi. The Handi Khoh is well-known for its abundance of wildlife, natural beauty, and adventurous activities.

Handi Khoh


The Mahadeo Hills are well-known for being the source of the Narmada River. Visit the location simply to have a refreshing plunge in the purest greens and admire the scenery.

Mahadeo Hills 


This is not an easily accessible location on the Pachmarhi map. To get to the spot, you must embark on a 4Km jungle hike.

Duchess Falls


This national park was established primarily to protect the country's tiger population.

Satpura National Park


Excited about catching a glimpse of the lovely Pachmarhi valley? Your ideal location would be Priyadarshini Point.

Priyadarshini Point


The Chauragarh Temple is a holy place for Hindus and is located in Pachmarhi, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Chauragarh Temple