Pandharpur: Southern Kashi Of India & Kuldaivat Of Maharashtra!

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Gopika Vc

Pandharpur is Shri Rukmini and Shri Vitthal's sacred site. The Southern Kashi of India and Maharashtra's Kuldaivat are other names for it.

The tallest Vitthal idol is located in the Ashram, which is around 5 miles from Pandharpur. At this location, the facilities are excellent.

Yogiraj Tukarambaba Khedlekar Ashram

Wakhari is 7 kilometers away from Pandharpur. In Pandharpur, Ashadhi Ekadashi is the most important festival, and all saints visit Lord Vitthal on that day.


This lovely temple lies across the Chandrabhaga River from the Vitthal temple. It is spacious and less crowded.

Iskcon Temple Pandharpur

Khardi, which is well-known for the immolation of Saint Shree Seetaram Maharaj, is around 18 miles from Pandharpur.


Pundalik Temple is a well-liked tourist destination. This amazing tourist site is located on the magnificent Chandrabagha River banks.

Pundalik Temple

The Chandrabhaga River surrounds this stunning temple. The stone temple has 16 sturdy pillars. The temple's main draw is Lord Krishna's footprints.

Vishnupad Temple

Great Indian Bustards are protected at Solapur's Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary. Maldhok, the rare large Indian bustard, is popular in this sanctuary.

Nannaj Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Pandharpur is best visited from July to February, when monsoons and winter begin in Maharashtra. Summers can reach 42 degrees Celsius.

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