Planning A Chilika Trip? Here Are The Top Nearby Attractions!

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Gopika VC

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This island near Ghantasila hill has a conical pillar and a small chamber on a submerged rock mass.

Beacon Island

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Nalabana Island, in the center of Chilika, is a shelter for thousands of resident and migratory birds.


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This is a hillock with big rocks that hang down from the top. Herbs, shrubs, trees, and creepers grow all over the island.

Birds' Island

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Island Goddess Kalijai attracts the most tourists. The Kalijai temple makes the island famous for religious worship.

Kalijai Temple

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Breakfast Island is between Badakuda and Somolo in Rambha Bay. It;s a Pear-shaped island. It's also called "Sankuda island"

Breakfast Island

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Satapada is the best site to see Irrawaddy dolphins. If you're lucky, you'll see dolphins on your Satapada boat trip.


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Hundreds of migratory and resident birds populate the area throughout winters, making for a stunning spectacle!


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