Pudukkottai: Explore One Of South India's Oldest Human Settlements!

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Gopika VC

Some of the temples in Pudukottai are known for their beautiful architecture, and there are also several ancient temples in caves.

There are also many tourists who come to see the Narthmalai Muthu Mariamman temple. This temple's mulaipari procession is a fun thing to see.


It's a popular Tamil Nadu wildlife sanctuary. The Sanctuary's undulating forest is noted for housing many species.


Pudukottai District's Prominent Tourism Centre is Chithannavasal. It is 17 km from Pudukottai on the Annavasal–Pudukottai Road.


Lord Shiva is the temple's deity. No statue of Nandi the Bull or flag are at the gorgeous Shiva Temple.


Avur is about 20 km away from Tiruchirappalli and about 40 km away from Pudukkottai. In the year 1747 A.D., a Roman Catholic church was built here.

Avur Church

The Temple adores Lord Shiva. The Muttaraiyar Kings are said to have built it on rock-cut architecture. Late Pallava Art's rock-cut temple.

Kunnandar Koil

Arcot Nawab erected it about 17th century AD. Pagruthin Avuliya allies Kattubhava samadhi have this status. This centre hosts the URS Celebration.

Kathubhava Pallivasal

Dravidian architecture was reflected here. Due to Muvar Koil and Mujukundeeswarer temple's preservation, many tourists come here.


Pdukkottai District's Keezhayur panchayat features a Siva and Vishnu temple called malaiadipatti, 35 kilometres from Pudukkottai and 15 km from Keeranur.


These cave temples show ancient art and civilisation. Life-size sculptures surround a Shiva shrine dedicated to Sikkanatheeswarer on a hilllock.