Rewa: Explore The Land Of White Tigers!

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Ruchika Mandora

Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, is a wonderful city. Tourists can enjoy the city's temples, palaces, parks, and gardens.

One of Madhya Pradesh's most stunning waterfalls is Purwa Falls at 70 m. Falls originate from the Tons River.

Purwa Falls

Deur Kothar has historical significance in Madhya Pradesh. Ancient Buddhist stupas from 2000 BC to 500 AD are of great historical value in this area.

Deur Kothar

The royal family lives in Pushpraj Singh Fort, named after the late Maharaja Martand Singh's son who caught the first white tiger in 1951.

Rewa Fort

Rani Talab on the city's southern outskirts is one of the oldest water wells. It is also sacred and a festival attraction.

Rani Talab Meyer

Visit the Keoti waterfall in Rewa with friends and family to unwind. Famous place. Mahana, a Tons tributary, falls from Rewa Plateau near Keoti Fall.

Keoti Falls

Govindgarh Palace was the Rewa king's vacation palace. From town, this palace is 13 km. Bachuti, Keonti, and Chachai waterfalls surround the palace.

Govindgarh Palace

Madhya Pradesh is endowed with the most tigers. This gorgeous zoo has lions, huge cats, and the most prized white Tigers.

Mukundpur Zoo

Maharaja Venkatraman Singh's Venkat Bhavan in Rewa is well-preserved. The Bhavan, established in 1907, occupies 425 sq m.

Venkat Bhavan

One of the oldest museums, the Baghel Museum is renowned for preserving the personal belongings of the Maharaja of Rewa.

Baghel Museum

The Bhairom Baba Statue may be found in the principal city of Rewa in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is around 40 kilometers away.

Bhairom Baba Statue