Sowmya Raoh: Know More About This Indian Playback Singer!


Idhika Tejal

Soumya Raoh is an Indian singer who can sing in more than one language. Her singing skills have been shown in movie songs in Kannada, Hindi, Telegu, and Tamil.

Soumya started singing for South Indian movies in the 1990s. She has also said that her singing talent is a blessing from her mother, who was also a singer.

Her mother was playback singer B K Sumitra. Sowmya Raoh's father is Sudhakar and he was a banker for the Reserve Bank of India.

Soumya Rao's main source to make income is through singing. Since she sings for movies in more than one language, she has a higher source of income than most singers.

Sowmya Raoh's estimated net worth is between $1- $5 million. And yet Sowmya Raoh is often seen doing PR work and endorsing brands, which gives her a second source to make income.

Sowmya Raoh is from the southern part of India, specifically from the state of Karnataka. She was born on April 18th, 1973.

Sowmya Raoh has worked in many different jobs during her career. She first worked as a performer and artist on stage.

Later, she gave voice-overs for movies a try. She also worked as a voice specialist for a while. She started singing for movies much later.

Sowmya Raoh's amazing voice is what made the song "Dreamum Wakeupum" in the movie Aiyyaa so popular.