The Hidden Jewel Of Europe: Portugal's Top Destinations!

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Ruchika Mandora

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Located in the same building as the Toy Museum. It shows how news, media, and technology affect modern life.

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News Museum

The battlements, museums, and beautiful archaeology of this hilltop castle in Alfama make it a must-see for tourists.

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St George’s Castle

Even though the outside is plain, the inside will surprise you. Since 1204, the weathered limestone front has held up well.

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Evora Cathedral

No Portugal vacation is complete without visiting Lisbon's 16th-century Jeronimos monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Jeronimos Monastery

The Porto Bridge Climb offers guided tours of this landmark structure with harness and lifeline to securely climb its heights.

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Porto Bridge

One of Europe's largest and best aquariums, it holds various fish and marine animals.

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Lisbon Oceanarium

Portugal travel is best in Porto's riverbank neighborhoods, a charming maze of narrow alleys, zigzagging lanes, and low-slung sun-starved arcades.

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Cais da Ribeira

The beautiful grounds of Monserrate should be on every list of interesting places in Portugal.

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Monserrate Palace

The Roman Temple, which is also known as the Temple of Diana, the Roman Goddess, is one of the most famous holy places to visit in Portugal.

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Roman Temple

It was built for King Joo I in the 1400s and is the oldest house in Portugal that is still standing.

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Sintra National Palace