The Land Of Natural Beauty: Purulia In West Bengal!

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Ruchika  Mandora

Purulia is West Bengal's most popular tourist destination due to its geography and openness. Purulia has many ways to reach the nation's mainstream.

Ajodhya is a popular tourist spot that can be reached from Purulia via Sirkabad and is about 42 km away. It is a beautiful forest-covered mountain with a flat top.

Ajodhya Hills

Visit Kenkechi Hill and Murguma Dam Lake, and the woods are advantageous. Winter is great for people who like cold evenings.

Murugama Dam

One of Purulia's most popular tourist destinations is Cheliama, a community with a rich history and several 17th-century temples.


Joychandi Pahar (Hill) is a major draw for rock climbers and is still pretty unknown. Chandi Ma is the name of the hill (Goddess Chandi).

Joychandi Pahar

A calm lake surrounded by tall, strong mountains and a thick carpet of plants. This is Boronti in a husk for you: less crowded, calmer, and more personal.

Branti Reservoir or Muradi Lake

Saheb Bandh, a mid-19th-century 50-acre lake near Purulia, is famous. The British Raj's offenders dug this water body at Colonel Tikley's behest.

Saheb Bandh

The area is surrounded by tall Sal trees that show how it has changed over time. Many different kinds of birds live in the great flora.

Tugga and Bramni Falls

This eco-park is also called a "deer park" because to its many deer species. Visitors can view birds and other animals here besides deer.


Gajaburu Hills in northwestern Purulia is a great place to see the town from above. Pilgrims in Purulia visit the hills for its many little temples and shrines.

Gajaburu Hills

In Purulia, the Garpanchkot Fort is near the foot of the Panchet Hills. Even though the beautiful fort is in ruins now, it is still one of Purulia's most popular tourist spots.


Para is a popular place for tourists to visit. It is also known for being the first village where Muslims moved into the east.


The Kansai River area has about 15 temples. Deulghat's temple's unresolved architecture and exquisite garlands make it one of Purulia's most popular tourist destinations.