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Abirath EV

The Man Behind Molai Forest: Jadav Molai Payeng!

In India, Jadav Molai Payeng is known for being a unique environmental activist. He also works in the forest for a living. "Forest Man of India" is a name that people call him.

The fact that Jadav planted trees along the banks of the Brahmaputra River has brought him a lot of attention from the media.

This was the result of his hard work and dedication over many years. The river bank slowly turned into a forest reserve over time, which made it a newsworthy sight.

In honour of his hard work and dedication, people gave the forest his name, and it became known as Molai Forest.

Even today, he helps mother nature by planting trees. Despite his anonymity, he has worked in the field since 1959.

His forest reserve is now home to several Bengal Tigers, demonstrating how one individual can change nature.

He is from Missing, which is one of the tribal communities in the Assam state. His family, which includes his wife and three kids, lives with him.

After 2012, he moved out and built a decent house outside the forest. H e never forgets living happily with nature and the resources that nurtured him and he fostered back.

One of Jadav's most significant awards was the 2015 Padma Shri. He obtained a fantastic university honorary doctorate also.