The Viral Delhi-metro Girl: Rhythm Chanana!


Abirath EV

Rhythm Chanana, an Indian girl, is known for her aggressive and modern moves. The Delhi Metro bikini photo made her famous.

She has also discussed the unique choices and viewpoints in the regular social issues of the typical Indian society.

Despite her refined intentions, the social psyche has tarnished the girl for violating the moral codes and behavior expected of an Indian girl.

Since this girl has become the focus of recent social media news and updates, her Instagram account has exploded in popularity, with thousands of followers.

The girl makes most of her money by modeling. The acting and anchoring industries may potentially be supporting her financially.

The main source of contention for the girl is a video of her that recently went viral after she chose to wear a bikini while riding in a Delhi metro train.

Punjabi Rhythm Chanana's family follows Indian social traditions. She has stated that she opposes her family's views and habits and cannot get along with them.