Thirthan Valley: Enjoy The Beauty Of Magnificent Himalayas!

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Ruchika Mandora

Tirthan Valley is full of green meadows and natural springs. It is surrounded by the well-known hill towns of Shimla and Manali.

Gaidhar in Tirthan Valley offers thrilling trekking near the Great Himalayan National Park. The waterfall's foggy view is relaxing.

Places to explore in Thirthan Valley!

Chhoie waterfall

Green meadows and peaceful river streams await you. It's UNESCO-protected and has stunning wildlife.

Great Himalayan National Park

To get to the waterfall, hikers have to cross a hiking trail. It's interesting to walk along the trekking path and reach the waterfall in a tiny village.

Gaidhar waterfall

The journey to Jalori Pass is exciting, and the views of the Himalayan Mountains and valleys are breathtaking.

Jalori Pass

The valleys' stunning splendor makes the temple impressive. The inside is decorated with historical carvings and architecture.

Shringa Rishi Temple

One of Tirthan valley's best trekking spots is Serolsar Lake. Locals benefit from lake water's healing qualities.

Serolsar Lake

To see the Himalayas, hikers can camp around the temple. A peaceful meadow next to the temple is stunning.

Budhi Nagin Temple

This river is a Tirthan Valley attraction for water sports and adventure. River visitors can fish, boat, and zip line.

Tirthan River

Between Shimla and Manali lies this little Tirthan River settlement. Gushaini's small roadways reveal fascinating mountain scenes.

Gushaini Village