Top 10 Must Visit Spots While On A Trip To Silvassa

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Gopika VC

History did not show that Dudhni was important for tourism. It has slowly and steadily become the favorite place for travelers in the town of Silvassa.

Dudhni Lake


If you like animals, you have to go on the Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari when you are on vacation in the city.

Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari


The tribal museum is a place where many objects and artefacts are kept to show how the tribes lived and what their traditions were.

Silvassa Tribal Museum


If you are on vacation with your family in Silvassa and want to do something quiet and relaxing, head straight to the town's Island Garden Dadra Park.

Island Garden Dadra Park


The lake that runs through the garden is a reason why it is so beautiful. In the garden, you can see a lot of Japanese-style bridges.

Vanganga Lake Garden


There are so many different kinds of flowers in the park that it's hard to believe. Flower-filled lawns offer a luxurious way to unwind in nature.

Hirwa Van Gardens


In addition to the conventional rides and swings, this park's amenities allow your child to interact with nature and its elements.

Bal Udyan park


The temple complex is a feast for the eyes in every way because of how well it is built. You can get the best pictures of this place from Silvassa vacation.

Swaminarayan temple


The waterfront where the sports are held is surrounded by the beautiful forests and mountains of the Western Ghats, which makes the experience in the complex even better.

Water Sports Complex


In the park, different kinds of deer are kept in their natural habitats. Some of them are the Nilgai, the Chinkara, the Blackbuck, and the Dotted Deer.

Deer Park