Top 10  Places To Travel Abroad From India In June!

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Ruchika Mandora

Hoi An, a 2000-year-old town with canals, pagodas, bridges, and merchant homes, is one of the top tourist spots in June.

Hoi An, Vietnam

The charming scenery is full of fairy chimneys, which are a sight like no other. The bronze-age rock formations in the area hide underground towns.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Travelers must be prepared to be enchanted by Sin City, from the Strip to the many luxurious hotels and casinos!

Las Vegas, USA

The beautiful scenery includes towns on the coast, sandy beaches, villages on top of hills, dense forests, and green valleys.

Corsica, France

Nova Scotia is one of the greatest places to visit due to its warm culture, over 100 beaches, fresh seafood, stunning lighthouses, and endless rough coastline.

Nova Scotia, Canada

On one side, Seattle is surrounded by the ocean, and on the other, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Seattle, USA

With its excellent shopping, world-class cuisine, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife, Malaysia's modern capital wins.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The city's cozy cafés offer a great view of the archipelagos and verdant woodlands, which are conveniently accessible by public transit.

Helsinki, Finland

The charming village at the foot of Monte Cerreto is a culinary and thrift shopper's paradise and one of India's top June destinations.

Amalfi, Italy

Mauritius is popular with travelers because of its clear blue seas, beautiful white beaches, and high-end resorts.