Top Beautiful Waterfalls In West Bengal!

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Gopika VC

Do you like waterfalls? Then, we will provide you with enough help as we discuss the spectacular waterfalls in West Bengal!

This magnificent waterfall in Darjeeling enhances the district's charm. In Darjeeling's Kalej Tea Estate, this roaring waterfall plunges into the Kalej Valley. 

Rainbow Waterfalls


This will be included in any list of the top waterfalls in West Bengal. The remarkable natural feature Chunnu Waterfall is close to Bloomfield Tea Garden.

Chunnu Waterfalls


This waterfall is always the most beautiful in West Bengal. This waterfall at Lava, Kalimpong, cascades into a 300-meter reservoir.

Changey Waterfalls


This picturesque waterfall is East Kurseong Valley's glory. Visitors enjoy the Cascadian waterfall's 6100ft drop.

Paglajhora Waterfalls


Visit Ghagra Waterfalls in Chandbali, Ghagra. West Bengal's most popular tourist attraction, this waterfall is surrounded by lush forests and valleys. 

Ghagra Waterfalls


Whistle Khola is named after the toy train that whistles across it on its way to Darjeeling. If you want to escape the crowds and enjoy nature, this waterfall is  best

Whistle Khola Waterfalls


This waterfall, near Ajodha Hill Range in Purulia, is one of West Bengal's most famous. This Indian waterfall will transport you to paradise.

Turga Waterfalls


These West Bengal waterfalls are worth visiting. The surroundings and waterfalls are beautiful. You'll feel refreshed after spending time in such settings.