Top Waterfalls To Visit In Ranchi For A Refreshing Weekend!

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Gopika VC

After reaching Hirni Falls, you notice a massive waterfall and forests. Hirni Falls is named from the forest's abundant deer population.

Hirni falls

There are five consecutive waterfalls here, all the result of the Banai River's disintegration.

Panch Gagh falls

Hundru Falls originated from Swarnrekha River's 320-foot drop. Visitors can bathe in the waterfall's stream.

Hundru falls

The Kanchi River flows over 144 feet above the Dassam Falls, which are in a small town called Taimara. It is a beautiful sight.

Dassam Falls

Jonha Falls is also known as Gautam Dhara. It is believed that Lord Buddha bathed in the tranquil waterfall. There's an ashram and Buddha Temple.

Jonha falls

Bhatinda Falls is a popular waterfall in Dhanbad. It is also known by its local name, Moonidih. Most people go to this waterfall in the winter.

Bhatinda falls

In Ramgarh, Jharkhand, the River Kanchi flows into this less popular fall. From December until April, Sita Falls is excellent.

Sita Falls

Usri falls, 13 km from District Giridh, Jharkhand, descends from Barakar River in three streams amidst rocks. It is a daylong picnic site and tourist destination.

Usri Falls

Murga Mahadev Falls is in the Nuamundi mines area of Kendujhar. During Karthik, Shraavan, and Shivratri, there are a lot of people there.

Murga Mahadev Falls