Ultimate Road Trips To Enjoy In Bihar!

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Gopika VC

Rajgir is well-known for its beautiful Buddhist ruins, stunning rock-cut caves, interesting Muslim tombs, and grand Hindu and Jain temples.

Rohtas - Rajgir


Buxar, on the Ganges, has many holy attractions, including the Bihariji Temple and Brameshwar Nath shrine.

Patna - Buxar


Munger-Begusarai is a great Bihar weekend road trip. Begusarai is known for its ancient pillars, stupas, and artifacts.

Munger - Begusarai


The road from Buxar to Rohtas, which was once part of the historic Magadha empire, goes through a lot of small, charming villages.

Buxar- Rohtas


On the way to Darbhanga, a road trip will take you through many old villages where you can talk to the locals and learn a lot about the area's rich history.

Begusarai - Darbhanga


From Rajgir, Gaya is one of the shortest road trips you can take in Bihar. Gaya is the second largest city in the state and is important spiritually and historically.

Rajgir- Gaya


Weekend trips from Darbhanga to Patna are popular with families and couples. Patna is about 2,500 years old and one of the world's oldest continually inhabited locations.

Darbhanga - Patna


From Muzaffarpur, one of the best road trips in Bihar for nature lovers is to the beautiful Valmiki National Park.

Muzaffarpur - Valmiki National Park


From Patna to Gaya through Nalanda, have an interesting road adventure. Start your road trip from Patna to Nalanda, then Gaya.

Patna - Nalanda - Gaya


Take a weekend road trip from Munger to the Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, which is a wetland ecosystem with a lot of birds.

Munger - Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary