Uma Raghuraman: Everything You Need To Know!


Abirath EV

Uma Raghuraman is one of the most popular Indian chefs and food bloggers, and she has a lot of enthusiasm for her work.

She is better known around the world for her South Indian recipes. She is also a very talented mother.

Before she started writing about food on her blog, she supposed to teach kindergarten at Shikshantar School in India.

In addition to food blogging, she is also good at Leading Geven, Creative Writing, Food, Differentiated Instruction, Edition, and many other things.

On October 2, 2015, she made a YouTube channel called Masterchef Mom. People know her for her realistic and creative representation of India Food.

Her blog,, includes 1,000+ dishes. These recipes encourage people to cook food from scratch using fresh and local ingredients.

In addition to being a professional chef, Uma Raghuraman is the author of the book "My Genius Lunch Box."

Uma Raghuraman, a mother of two, shares her recipes for everything from dosas to pakodas to salads, all of which use fresh ingredients.

Uma Raghuraman's recipes have been appeared in many national and international magazines and newspapers.