Visit The Coffee Land Of Karnataka: Best Spots To Visit In Chikmagalur

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Gopika VC

Several natural formations inspire mythical faiths and stories at this destination. The area's vast green woodlands make nature lovers' vacations enjoyable.

Can spend 2-3 hours at the waterfall. It's also known as Kalhatti Falls. The waterfall is 53km from Chikmagalur.

Kallathigiri Falls


Anyone who loves animals and wants to see diverse species can visit Kudremukh National Park in Karnataka.

Kudremukh National Park


1895 m is this range's altitude. It's in the Western Ghats. September through March is the best time to visit to see the beauty and vibrancy of the area.

Baba Budangiri


This peak is 23rd tallest in the Western Ghats. December is the greatest time to go and enjoy the sights and ambiance of the peak.



You might need two to three hours to really enjoy this waterfall. One of the best things about the place is that you can go on adrenaline-pumping jeep rides.

Hebbe Falls


Also called Lakkavalli Dam. From Chikmagalur, the dam is 76km away. Sri M V Visvesvaraya built the dam.

Bhadra Dam


Off-road rides are the most popular activity. There are also many clear streams where you can splash and play in the water.



It is a major Tiger Reserve in India. The sanctuary was constructed as part of Project Tiger to conserve the decreasing tiger population in India.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary


This is a holy place for Hindus who come to the town. Inside the temple, there are a lot of rules about how to behave and what to wear.

Sringeri Mutt


Suthanabbe Falls is another name for Hanumana Gundi. Kudremukh National Park visitors can see the falls. Falls are between Lakya and Karkala dams.

Hanumana Gundi Falls


When you are on vacation in Chikmagalur, you might want to visit this Hindu pilgrimage site. Devi Sharada is the main god that people worship at the temple.

Sharadamba Temple


Kemmanagundi is a great area to spend a Chikmagalur night. Sunset views are spectacular from the location.



Belur's Chennakeshava temple is a major tourist attraction. Thus, it's Chikmagalur's best Hindu pilgrimage site.