Visit The Stunning Places In Palakkad, The Rice Bowl Of Kerala!

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Gopika VC

Palakkad, in Kerala, India, is an agricultural city. The city was once called Palghat. During the 18th century, the city fought many conflicts, making it a brave city.

Malampuzha dam and garden are in Palakkad's Western Ghats. The only "rock-cut" garden in South India is this one. The area's second big attraction is the ropeway.

Malampuzha Dam and Garden


The Western Ghats' biodiversity in Kerala is seen in this wildlife. Many endangered species live in this National Park. Thus, it becomes a protected biodiversity hotspot.

Silent Valley National Park


This palace will show you Palakkad's royal culture before and after colonial times. The palace is 26km from Palakkad Railway Station.

Kollengode Palace


Palakkad's Kalpathy River borders this temple. Sri Visalakshi Sametha Viswanatha Swamy Temple is another name. This city landmark is known as Kasi Viswanatha Swamy Temple

Kalpathy Temple


The majority of this Taluk's landscape is populated woodland. This region's population is mostly forest tribes. Attapadi was part of Palakkad's Mannarkad Taluk.



This viewpoint is on a cliff, making scenic viewing adventurous. This viewpoint attracts many photographers. The area is also blessed with unusual wildlife.

Seethargundu Viewpoint


The year of its founding makes it one of India's oldest. This dam's engineering is also often discussed, and scientists are still trying to discover its secrets.

Pothundi Dam


It's a Palakkad forest reserve with exotic plants and animals. If you visit, you'll have to drive through many hairpin curves.

Nelliyampathy Hills


This waterfall is only 12km from Palakkad. The mist-covered mountains and forest surroundings make the waterfalls region rejuvenating.

Dhoni Waterfalls


According to recent estimates, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve has 28 tigers. Parambikulam Dam is near the sanctuary.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve


Sultan Hyder Ali rebuilt the fort after recapturing it in 1766 AD. This fort is in its best shape, and the authorities are doing their utmost to maintain it.

Palakkad Fort


The dam spans Mangalam, Palakkad's main river. Cherukunnappuzha, a tributary of Mangalam, is where this dam is located.

Mangalam Dam