Visit These Hill Stations In August To Enjoy The Best Monsoon!

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Ruchika Mandora

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Dharamshala is another beautiful August monsoon location. Its lush flora is enhanced by significant rains due to its altitude.


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In monsoons, Lonavala in the Western Ghats, a weekend destination for Mumbai and Pune residents, is at its most gorgeous.


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The "Scotland of India" is known for its lush undulating hills, gushing waterfalls, charming colonial architecture, and agreeable weather.


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This is the season to explore its rainforests, tea, coffee, rubber, and spice plantations, and scenic viewpoints in cool, pleasant weather.


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Cherrapunji, the world's wettest area, is one of Northeast India's greatest August destinations.


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August is the most beautiful month because it rains a lot, making the weather nice and turning all of the hills green.


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South Indian hill station Kodaikanal has lush green valleys, granite cliffs, grassy slopes, lovely lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls.


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Mount Abu in Rajasthan is popular in the monsoon season due to its moderate rainfall and good weather.

Mount Abu

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Chikamagalur is one of India's top August destinations for coffee plantations and water sports. Wildlife lovers will enjoy this place.


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It has nice weather, green valleys, and lots of tea and spice farms, so it's a great place for a romantic trip.


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