Wanaparthy: Top Spots For A Weekend Getaway!

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Gopika VC

It's a little village with few tourists. Telangana's first polytechnic college was in Wanaparthy. You simply need 1-2 days to explore Wanaparthy.

This area is popular for hiking and rock climbing. If you're adventurous, this site is perfect.

Ghanpur Fort


It's also known as Wanaparthy's Raja. It's nearly 500 years old. It now houses Sri Krishanadevaraya Polytechnic College after the Monarch donated it to the education institute.

Wanaparthy Palace


Pangal Fort is a popular fort with seven gateways. It is in Telangana, on top of a hill, which makes it even more exciting.

Pangal Fort


It is the second-largest dam in the world that uses Siphon Technology, and it is a great example of how India has made great strides in dam science and technology.

Saralasagar Project


This amazing temple was built by the Rajas of Wanaparthi in the 18th century A.D. on the bank of Ratna Pushpakarini Lake.

Sri Ranganayaka Temple