What Can You See In A Day Tour To Kochi?

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Gopika VC

The Indo-Portuguese Museum in Fort Kochi shows how Portuguese culture was important in Kerala, especially in the western parts of Kochi.

Visit Indo Portuguese Museum


Everyone will remember seeing the beach, especially at sunset, with Chinese fishing nets and floating ships in the background.

Explore Fort Kochi Beach


This magnificent palace shows royal attire and palanquins. The palace courtyard houses Kochi Rajas' tutelary deity's shrine.

Visit Mattancherry Palace


People think that traders from the court of the Chinese king Kublai Khan brought these nets to the area between 1350 and 1450.

Watch Chinese Fishing Nets


Commonwealth nations' oldest synagogue is in Jew Town. This synagogue from 1567 symbolizes Jewish identity.

Visit Paradesi Synagogue


The Portuguese built India's first European church, St. Francis, in Fort Kochi. It was built in 1510. Vasco Da Gama was buried at this church.

Take a visit to St Francis Church


Jew Street, a short lane between Mattancherry Palace and Paradesi Synagogue, is popular with foreign shoppers.

Explore Jew Street


The beautiful Bolgatty Palace is one of the oldest Dutch buildings in India. It is on the Bolgatty Islands.

Visit Bolgatty Palace


You can also see paintings of traditional dance forms in different mudras and navarasams that are used in Kathakali shows.

Enjoy Kathakali at Greenix Museum


Evenings, a lot of people walk across this path to enjoy the beautiful view of the Vembanad lake and the cool breeze from the lake.

Enjoy the evening at Marine Drive