Who Is Sanjay Pugalia? Everything You Need To Know!


Abirath EV

Indian political and business journalist Sanjay Pugalia has joined the Adani Group as Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief to lead the Group's media efforts.

Mr. Pugalia is a well-known journalist who writes about politics and business. He has a lot of experience in digital, TV, and print media.

In his new job as CEO and Editor-in-chief, Pugalia will be in charge of all the group's media projects. At the time, Pugalia was President of Quint Digital Media.

Sanjay Pugalia's father was a businessman. Two brothers live with Sanjay. He got married to Sangeeta, and Naman Pugalia is the name of their son.

In 1982, he started working as a journalist for The Times Group's top Hindi newspaper, Navbharat Times. He stayed there for 10 years.

He has a degree from college in both history and politics. During his time as a student, he read the magazine Ravivaar, which was run by Surendra Pratap Singh.

He has worked as a print journalist for the Business Standard and the Navbharat Times. During the 1990s, he also made regular contributions to BBC Hindi Radio.

Pugalia says that on the weekends, he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife Sangeeta by going to a movie or having dinner somewhere soft.

He left Navbharat Times and went to work for the English newspaper Business Standard, where he was the deputy bureau chief for three years.