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Who Is Sundar Pichai? Unknown Facts To Know About  Google CEO!

Sundar Pichai is well-known for being the CEO of Google, a multinational technology company. He is known as Sundar Pichai, but his real name is Pichai Sundararajan.

This computer genius was responsible for the creation of the most innovative and revolutionary Google tools, such as Google Toolbar and Google Chrome.

Sundar Pichai was born into an Indian middle class family. Regunatha Pichai is his father, while Lakshmi Pichai is his mother. He has an older sibling named Srinivasan Pichai.

Sundar married Anjali Pichai, and they now have two children. Kiran Pichai and Kavya Pichai are their children's names.

His elementary schooling was at Jawahar Vidyalaya in Chennai, a CBSE school. For his secondary studies, he selected a school on the IIT Madras campus.

IIT Kharagpur is where he is pursuing his Metallurgical Engineering degree. Anjali and Sundar both studied the same college.

He moved to California to study Master's in material science and engineering at Stanford University. He received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is an American businessman who was born in India. He started in business but became a computer scientist.

With an estimated worth of $1.31 billion, Pichai is also a billionaire. As expected, Google itself is this billionaire entrepreneur's primary source of revenue.